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annoucement · Oct 15, 2020

Launched Biomass Collective program

The program records biomass sales and transactions between the power plant and community members. The program records the date and time of biomass sales, displays information of association and origin as the proof of identification, and specifies the type, amount, and biomass moisture in each truck. Later, putting collected data for future analysis and source for CDM (Clean Development Mechanism).
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news · Dec 17, 2019

Internship in Nongbua Biofuel

Güssing Renewable Energy Thailand welcomes the intern students from Khonkaen University for Cooperative Internship specifically on Biomass and Gasification for the future project of “One Community, One megawatt.” The program length is four months on-site at Nongbua Community power plant, Thailand.
news · Mar 6, 2019

Director of Gussing Renewable Energy Thailand visit Chaiyaphum

Michael Messner
annoucement · Feb 6, 2019

Launched for public hearing

news · Nov 23, 2019

EU business kick off in Zurich, Switzerland

The first meet-up of the CarbonXChange platform at Limmatquai 4, Zürich, Switzerland. Michael Dichand, Maximilian Werner, Threerawat Wonghart, William Belfiore, and Gary Noble. Together, they have discussed the ideas and possibilities of future Carbon Certificates and Carbon Recycling.
news · Nov 18, 2019

CXC join the ICPS conference in Vienna

"The ICPS 19 – International Conference on Polygeneration Strategies held at the Schonbrunn Palace. Michael Dichand and Threerawat Wonghart were the representatives of Güssing Renewable Energy International GmbH. The program focusing on:
- Overview lectures describing the state-of-the-art for different technologies in gasification.
- Keynote on research, development, and demonstration projects by the researchers.
- Poster presentations.
- A day trip to Voestalpine Stahlwelt in Linz Austria
Moreover, Michael has achieved the best poster award for CarbonRecyclingTM. Congratulations! "
news · Jan 8, 2019

CEO Gussing Renewable Energy International visit Chaiyaphum

Michael Dichand
news · 14 May, 2018

CXC collective meet up in Amsterdam

The objective of this visit was to reconnect with all my collective developer circle in Europe. The discussion intended to expand the common ground of the research + concept of blockchain and token distribution, Including cybersecurity encryption which essential and required algorithm for CXC platform.
We have discussed the concept of CXC. The most straightforward form phase is Energy Marketplace, backed with recycle materials + secured by the blockchain.
The Libra Blockchain is a decentralized, programmable database designed to support a low-volatility cryptocurrency that will have the ability to serve as an effective medium of exchange for billions of people around the world. Facebook has built an open-source prototype implementation — Libra Core — The program is a great building block for cXc token distribution system.The value of the coin can be boosted higher by price bidding process.
For example, every hour that GRE-DFB generated the gas product. The token will available for the patron to purchase by offering the highest price. The buy/sell price will have a similar concept to the gold industry.